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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This month has been super busy. Between playing catch up with jewelry, doing classes at the knit shop and personal knitting I feel like I've been going non-stop. I am definitely looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming up.

On the knitting front I am still working on that shrug. I hate to admit it but right now it is hibernating. I just can't bring myself to owrk on it right now. This weekend also starts the Gothsock knit-a-long. I have been totally hoarding this yarn here lately and recently picked up three skeins in her shop update AND got in on the sock club that opened up yesterday. I already have the pair of socks I want to do picked out and I also plan on doing some arm warmers since this knit-a-long is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

As for my shop, sales have been terrific this month which is great but is kind of bad in that if you don't have as great of a month the next month it's kind of depressing. For now I'll take it and be happy though. If next month is a slower month sales wise at least I'll have time to make new things. I ordered some new supplies a couple weeks ago that came in last week and I've been having fun with that. One of the things I purchased were these sterling silver flower bezels that fit 6mm cabs. Here is the first bracelet I made where I set jade and lapis cabs in them.

I sold a lot of wire wrapped pendants this month and am trying to replenish the stock. I also finally found some carved shell cameos for a decent price. Here are the two newest pieces. I love both of these so much, they turned out beautiful.

Gem Show

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday I went to the gem show and stocked up on Moonstone and Labradorite. I got some really nice stones, but before I show off my haul I want to show off what I created last night from 3 of those stones. I'm finally getting around to try and make some sets with a pendant and pair of earrings all wrapped similar. I've done it before on much smaller stones and I can't say I enjoyed that all that much. But this moonstone set came out beautiful if I do say so myself.

I have another set that are similar in size that I might use to just make a stand alone pair of earrings out of.

As for the haul, here's a photo of all of them together. The labradorite are beautiful and all of them have a wonderful, rich, blue flash.