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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hopefully the holidays for everyone was as good as they were hoping. Ours wasn't too bad at all. Along with turning 3 on Christmas day, the little one made quite a haul present wise. We don't celebrate his birthday until the weekend after so this Saturday we'll be doing a small get together for his birthday.

I made out pretty good as well. I didn't get a bracelet I've been wanting for like 3 years now but I did get some neat things. Dave bought me three new figurines from this company called Scheliech. I think they are more known for their horse figurines and other animals but can find them at Toysrus or Target. I've picked up a couple from their knight and elves series that I'm using to put in my cube at work. I also got a new purple hoodie and some other odds'n'ends.

I took today and tomorrow off from work and the little one went to daycare so Dave and I could have some adult time. When we took him to go potty when he came home we discovered that they had put his underwear on backwards?! Of course he is still under the care of the one that I don't care for all that much so I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. Hopefully he will be put in the threes here soon since he did just turn 3 and he has been doing well with not too many accidents at school.

Of course taking my time off now is going to cost me next week. The little one has his 3 year checkup that I don't want to miss next week as well as I found out that the gem show I went to the end of October is coming back next Friday so I'll be working extra to make up that time that I want off since I'm running low on paid time off.

Wow has it really been that long...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I can't believe how long it's bee since I last blogged. But, as with everyone this time of year things get hectic ad busy. We finished up the little one's shopping today so his stuff is all done. Had to make some purchases for the grandparents who sent money for gifts for Christmas. That is done and I think I'll wrap them and some other things I just got i for Dave.

I've picked up my knitting again and have bee making armwarmers and started my first pair of "socks". They're really more like little footies but it's the same idea and construction as a sock just not tall like a sock. I also have a scarf that I started last night and so far it is going okay.

Too fast of a weekend

Sunday, December 6, 2009

This weekend has gone by entirely too fast. The weather was cool and rainy all weekend which was really awesome. But, it still seems to have went by way too fast. I'm not feeling the greatest today either. I don't know if it's the front moving out that brought the cold weather or what but I have been really light headed all day today.

Christmas is usually my favorite holiday. I love the decorating and every year I have Christmas candy that I make and even look forward to that despite the insane amount of work that goes into it all. This year I'm having a hard time getting in that Christmas spirit so to speak. We have been putting some of the decorations up this week and while Dave did an excellent job getting the lights put up outside and the tree is decorated on the inside that's about the only form of decorations that are in my house at the moment. I have this really awesome Jim Shore nativity scene that I bought at Hallmark a couple of years ago and it is still sitting in it's box waiting to be put out. It just hasn't happened yet and that makes me kind of sad. Dave says that maybe it's just taking a bit longer and as the month goes on I'll get more in the Christmas mood. I hope he's right because I'm just not feeling it right now.

It's officially the Christmas season...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

for me at least. Judging by the stores the Christmas season started just before Halloween ended. The weather here has been kind of cool here lately with a couple of fronts passing through, and by cool I mean in the low to mid 70's.

Here where I work every year they put up this huge Christmas tree (think the size that you see as the main displays at the center of a shopping mall) and this Christmas type scene in the center of our building. Throughout the day they have Christmas music playing down around the tree and you can here it faintly from where I sit. It always helps it feel a litle bit more like Christmas.

We also pulled the tree out of the closet yesterday to get it set up. The G-man is loving it this year. He gets so excited when he sees people have Christmas lights and decorations in their yard. He was pretty excited about seeing our own tree out as well. It's a pre-lit tree which we've had for about 4 years now. When Dave plugged it in yesterday we were missing lights in the top section and then only half of another string was working. Today he bought some tool to fix them which he says worked. So that's a good thing and tonight we should be decorating the tree.

I've been getting back into my knitting here lately and have a couple of projects going on. For some reason it's always feels like I should be knitting when it's the winter type months not matter what it is I'm knitting. right now I'm obsessed with fingerless gloves. I also made two new designs in my shawl pins. One is a bear which I've yet to get a decent photo of the other is this cute goldfish.
Speaking of shawl pins it was a busy month for them 37 sold between my etsy shop and the few I have listed out on ebay. Some people have been doing some serious knitting.