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Nose piercing

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just a quick photo of the piercing. It's doing really good today and not near as sore as I thought it would be the day after.

And really, my nose isn't that long it's just the angle of the shot, LOL. :)

Day Off

Friday, September 25, 2009

So on this eve before my birthday and much needed day off, what have I done? Well Dave and I dropped the little one off at daycare this morning and went out to breakfast. After that he had an errand for work to do so we went for a nice drive through town to drop off some paperwork. On the way back we stopped at CompUSA and Best Buy to look at Notebooks. I was so disappointed with Best Buy. They list a bunch online and had 4 available to look at in store. CompUSA had double that, heck, even Target had more to choose from than Best Buy.

After that we headed back to the house to which I got some shawl pin orders ready. Since breakfast was pretty filling we skipped out on our traditional Cheesecake Factory lunch and instead headed up to the mall. Why the mall you might ask? To get my nose pierced of course. Recently the Altamonte Mall that is close to where I live has a tatto and piercing shop that has opened up called Inkspot. They did a wonderful job designing it and the people that I met working there were extremely friendly and good humored. The worst part about the whole piercing was when they put this forcep type clamp on your nose to make it easier for them to pierce, that was way more uncomfortable than the actual piercing itself.

I have wanted a nose piercing since I was about 20 but just never felt really comfortable walking into a tattoo shop to get it done. Having it located right there in the mall made it convienent. It cost $35 to have it done which included the jewelry that was put in. I absolutely love it and it is totally me. The only thing I'm dissapointed with was that I picked a flattend ball type piece of jewelry just to be safe for having it at work and I really would've rather had one of the small rhinestone type studs they had.

There is nothing in our rules that say specifically that you can't have or wear nose piercings and I had talked to my boss about it in the past so I know he won't have an issue with it, but still, I didn't want to get anything that would be too noticeable where it might be a problem given I'm going to have to keep this one stud in for probably 4 to 6 weeks.

So, all in all it's been a great day off and I am loving my new look.

Three day weekends

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well it is for me anyway. I'm taking tomorrow off because Saturday is my birthday. Apparently it will be a busy weekend for me too. Last night I got an order in my etsy shop for 5 pendants. It's from a person who has boughten from me in the past and I think has a boutique or consignment type store. Not sure but just a hunch which if I'm right I'm totally cool with. It's nice to know that someone thinks enough of what you make or do that they will put it in their store and even better when they keep coming back to you because it sells. Then after that this morning I received a shawl pin order and at lunch another order of two pins and a pendant. Happy early birthday to me indeed. So, this weekend I'll need to start making some more pendants to replace the ones sold to keep my stock up. I plan on making some extras that I won't list until the craft show in October that way if some end up selling right before I'll be covered and have ones to replace them so to speak.

With the suden income I went supply shopping. Got some more solder to finish off some pieces and work on other things as well as some more wire to stock up on. The price of silver has been rising like crazy. Seems like just early last month I was paying high $12 an ounce and now it's up to almost $17.

I started doing some knitting again. I sort of got away from it for a while and am starting to pick it up again. I think it's the upcoming fall months that makes me want to knit. Right now I'm working on a hooded zip sweater for Little G. I need to get another ball of yarn for the hood and sleeves but the body is finished and being blocked. I think it's going to be really cute when finished.

I also did a crochet scarf that has a woven look to it. I really love the modern kind of look that it ended up with. Too cool huh?

I have some other yarn that has been sitting in my stash that I think I'll make another one with.

On the metalworking front this is the second labradorite ring that I talked about in an earlier post. I bought this stone in a matching set of two so I have a second one to play with as well. The color is beautiful and it keeps that same color flash at just about every angle. I really like this curved triangle shape.

Such a slacker

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I so have been slacking in the blog department. I've just been busy with things and then I have pictures but haven't edited them. The list of excuses is long, let me tell you.

I did some more metal work the weekend before last and made another labradorite ring using one of the stones out of a matching pair. I also did a pendant using a larimar stone I had that was an odd shape. While it's technically "finished" I have a couple of things I want to do with/to it just to expirement. I'm getting the hand of the bezel making for the stones but I'm finding when I make rings that attaching the bezel to the ring is a bit tricky for me. Of course there's a couple of tools I should probably pick up that would make this process much simpler and would hold everything in place better than what I've been doing. I am enjoying it though so I guess that's all that really matters.

I'm thinking of adding a discounted section to my etsy shop that will house my first attempts. I've made a really lovely double stranded bracelet from the unakite piece and the larimar pendant turned out pretty good. I have a couple of other rings in the lineup (as there is no way I'm giving up my two labradorite rings) but alas, I ran out of solder and haven't gotten around to ordering more to finish things up.

Here is one of the newer things I've been working on. I'm taking my love for shawl pins and wire wrapping and combining the two. This is my first one but I have a large light colored amethyst stone and a large fire opal that I plan on doing something similar with. I haven't figured up pricing yet so it's not in my shop but I think once I get another one made I'll list them.

Also, speaking of slacking, I need to get busy with getting stuff prepped for the craft show where I work. My pendants have been coming along nicely and I have been able to keep 32 in stock which fills all the spaces in a display tray that I have. The thing I really need to get cracking on is making a stock of wire wrapped earrings. They're versatile, reasonably priced and I think they will sell really well in person.

New Ring

Friday, September 4, 2009

So, after my first attempt last weekend at some metalwork I haven't touched it all week. Yesterday I had some time and decided to try and do a ring since that is what I REALLY wanted to learn this for. The problem recently has been deciding what stone to use. I have quite a few sitting in trays just waiting to be plucked out and something marvelous done with them. This of course ends up being the hard part. I really love doing the wire wrapping so I'll pick up a stone for possible metal work and then think it would really look good wire wrapped and put it back down. This is why I decided to make a ring next. I have a handful of stones that are smaller than I like to wrap and are a nice ring size.

I had a labradorite oval that was part of a two stone lot. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it and after some time I figured it would make a nice ring. It really is a beautiful stone as it is basically all blue flash there is no green or yellow play at all. I am quite pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt. It is not totally finished so don't mind some of the imperfections in the silver, I still need to do a few tweaks in shaping and it still needs polishing. Of course I have to keep it off my finger long enough to do these thing....

Ready for Christmas

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Okay, so really I'm no where "ready" for Christmas but I'm ready for it to be the Christmas season. It's seems the older Little G gets the more I look forward to it. Not only is it also his birthday but it's fun to see every year how he reacts to the decorations and just everything in general. I typically try not to put anything out until the first week/weekend of December but I think this year I'll be wanting to decorate right after Thanksgiving so come December 1st everything is out and ready to go.

I'm also looking forward to the fall weather. Not that it gets that cold here in Florida but at least down in the high 70's will be nice. I'm hoping this year it will at least be cold for Christmas, last year I think it got up to 82 or something crazy like that. It just irks me for it to be Christmas and you can still where shorts and a short sleeved shirt outside.

Of course there is always the figuring out of what to get Dave for Christmas. I have a couple of ideas already floating around in my head and shopping for the little one is almost done. We've been buying a couple of things here and there in case things with Dave's job don't go so well come the beginning of November.