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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I got 2 new stones in the mail today. One of these being a labradorite stone. This one has a flash that is beautiful at the angle when it's worn but a bit tricky to photograph in my usual way. I could take a photo of it on my mannequin bust but it just wouldn't looks as nice as the wood grain/bamboo look my usual photo background does. The supplier I buy from gets this shape in quite often and I have to say that whomever is cutting these always does a beautiful job of cutting the piece so that you get the best flash at the perfect angle for a pendant. I love everything about these stones from the shape to the color and amount of flash that are in them. Each one I make I end up loving more than the last. Here's a photo because as I write this it just sold.
I also ordered a bunch of new glass rods today by a different manufacture I wanted to try out. I'm hoping they will be here by the end of the week. I have lots of really neat beads made, just haven't been in a stringing type mood when it comes to jewelry creation. Also, I want to make some beads that will fit the Pandora style bracelets for the craft show coming up in October. I'm sure there are a couple people around work that have these type bracelets so it wouldn't hurt to have some and see how/if they sell.

The Star at Starbucks

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A few weeks ago we went through the drive thru at Starbucks to get Dave some coffee and me a frappuccino (I am a slave to those things). Little G was in the back and we rolled down the window for him as we were waiting. When we got to the window he was being his talkative self to the guy working the window telling him hello and talking about his Batman shirt. They weren't too busy so one of the girls working there came up to the window and was talking to him, of which he continued to talk about Batman and the fact that he was wearing his sandal shoes.

Last night Dave went up to get are usual coffee and frappuccino and took Little G with him. Dave said he was saying hi again to the guy working the window and another guy passed by and was all, "Hey is that the Batman kid?" then of course the girl that was there before was all, yeah we've been telling everyone the past couple weeks about the Batman kid at the drive thru. My son is 2 1/2 and already has a following. LOL

Our trip to the beach on Friday was not as great as we had hoped. We got there and there was swarms of these biting gnats. I forgot the bug repellent because last time there wasn't anything like that there. Dave and Little G seem to be doing okay, I on the other hand look like I am at the beginning stages of breaking out in chicken pox. Apparently, I have some allergy or something to these things because Friday they were just little flat red spots, by Saturday morning they had turned into welts that resembled mosquito bites but 10 times itchier and this morning it was about to drive me insane. Ugh.

5 Dollar Words

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been neglecting my blog lately. Just have been busy between work and posting stuff on etsy and artfire. I've been cranking out some pendants and they've been turning out pretty nice.

Tonight we put Little G to bed and were siting here talking about our planned trip to the beach tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago on a trip to ToysRus we bought this beach backpack that has Lightening McQueen stuff like sand molds and shovels. We were talking about how he calls it the Lightening Purse because he doesn't know what a backpack is.

Out of nowhere Dave says:

"Yeah, it's hard to teach him what the nomenclature of things are."
Me: "Nomenclature?" *quizzical look*
Dave: "Yeah, the appropriate name for things."

Of course I had to go look it up. Good ol' Wikipedia had this as the definition

A set or system of names or terms, as those used in a particular science or art, by an individual or community, etc.

So, while not exactly used in the correct context, I learned a new word today.

Upcoming Craft Fair

Thursday, July 16, 2009

So, yesterday I filled out my form for the holiday craft fair that they have where I work. This year it is going to be October 19th and as of this weekend I will have 2 months to prepare for it. I always think I'm going to be prepared for this thing and it seems I never am. At least this year I'll have a better collection of pendants than I did last year. I'm not sure what I will have knit/crochet wise this year. I have a couple of shawls done up and I have a wrap I'm currently working on just to see how long it take me to do.

Yesterday I got some copper clay that I ordered in the mail. It's supposed to work the same as silver clay so I'm anxious to play with that this weekend and get creative. I already have a couple of ideas of what I want to do with it.

Busy already

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have been in crafting mood all week but haven't had the chance to really work on anything. Last night I finally did my first ring using sterling silver wire and PMC clay along with an emerald cabochon that I had. I really love how this ring turned out and it's super light, I don't even feel that I have it on. I plan on playing some more with different things with rings in the near future but this was sort of the test.

Today I finally got around to wrapping a beautiful piece of chalcedony that I got a couple of weeks ago. I decided to turn it into a necklace and even had a design drawn up for it. Of course, it didn't end up being exactly like the design but that's okay. I have to admit that I think it is absolutely beautiful. I thought I really liked my fluorite piece but this one I love even more. I just listed it today too.

Bumps, scrapes and birthdays

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday I got one of those dreaded calls at work from daycare that Little G had an accident. I know that they try to keep upbeat when calling when it's something minor so that you kind of know everything is okay before they tell you but it still can be a bit annoying. Anyway, he was playing outside pushing one of the push cars they have, tripped over it and scraped his chin, upper lip as well as bit his upper lip. Luckily it's all superficial and most of it will probably be cleared up in 2 weeks time. It still sucks, and I feel bad for the little guy having to be hurt like that. The somewhat humorus part of it was that it was the one teacher that claimed all the numbers she tried last time didn't work...

Dave's birthday is coming up fast at the begining of August and I really have no clue what to get him. It's even worse at Christmas, he gives me no hints or ideas whatsoever and the guy has no affordable hobbies. He like tweaking and building computers and working on cars. The parts from neither of those are cheap. He has plenty of cologne, not in to shaving kits, needs no clothes...I am just at a loss and he's not helping.

I've been treasured!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Earlier today I got a nice convo from nsseaglass that I was in her Sunny Day treasury. It's always an honor to have one of your items picked. Also, if you're in to seaglass or sea pottery she is currently having a 20% off storewide sale.

New Pendants

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I've lived up to my promise to myself to seriously work on some jewelry this weekend. I took a break from the earrings and made these 4 great pendants that I plan on listing on etsy in the near future. From left to right they are Larimar, Rhodonite, Rutilated Quartz and Labradorite.

My shipment of wire came in yesterday and I picked up a couple of different things. One of the things was some 14k gold filled patterned wire so I can make some hoop earrings out of them. I'm not a big fan of gold but this wire is really quite beautiful. It will make gorgeous earrings. I also got some just plain rectangle sterling silver wire. I played with it some on the rhodonite piece so that pendant has more of a wrapped bezel. It takes a lot more to work with it then just the regular square wire but I have lots of ideas to use with it.

It should be a lazy day for us today. No 4th of July plans, just going to grill up some hotdogs and enjoy the weekend. Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing 4th.

Blog Changes

Friday, July 3, 2009

So, my friend DJ came back to blogger and she's always putting together something clean and sleek looking when it comes to web pages. I often have "web envy" of her stuff and it's always what I need to get myself in gear and change things up. Her and I work together at the same place but I swear, she missed her calling in a web or graphics type career. At any rate, her changes made me rethink my blog so I decided to change some things up with my title banner colors and pick a different layout. My HTML skills are less than minimal so as simple as possible works for me.

I'm waiting for supplies that should be arriving today, all of it wire. I picked up some patterned gold filled wire to make my hoop earrings along with some more silver patterned wire that I was low on. I had some left over gold wire I use for wrapping so I'm playing with two toning some of my jewelry. I made two pairs of those new swarovski earrings in silver and gold. One is made with black and clear crystal the other has some nice pink and orange crystals. They've turned out really nice and I plan on taking some pictures later on.