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Slowly getting back in the swing

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This weekend I started getting back into my wire wrapping. This is the butterfly pin I did last week that has wings made out of a banded agate. I have another pair of wings coming in that should be a reddish color jasper wtih black spots. I'm just using the flower pin for now until I come up with something better for it.

Then, this weekend I wrapped these two stones and listed them in my shop. First, is a moonstone with the wire in a heart shape pattern. I must say that this last selection of moonstone that I picked up all have some wonderful flash to them.

The other is a denim lapiz stone I wrapped in gold filled wire.

Jobs and interviews and none of it for me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday Dave had an interview for a job. He has been out of work since the end of October. This is the first interview in almost 3 months and he has been applying for 2 jobs almost every day. Dave primarly works in the Telecomunications/Networking type field so that tells you how the job market is for that right now in the Orlando area. I am really hoping he gets this job though, I think it would be perfect for him and that next step job level wise. We're hoping we'll hear something next week some time as they were only interviewing yesterday and today.

As for my side work with my jewelry and pins I haven't been very active. I have a lot of ideas written down on scraps of paper as well as new wire and stones but I just haven't been feeling it to get it done once I get home at night. I did make this really cool butterfly shawl pin out of two pieces of agate that were carved into butterfly wings, then I wire wrapped the body and everything.

Speaking of shawl pins and knitting as it is, I found out today that there is a new yarn store that has opened up near me. It's kind of funny because it is right across the street from the place that I used to work at. I'm thinking about stopping by on my way home today and see what they have. I LOVE the store that is closest to me now and I don't see me changing my regular place to knit and buy my yarn but it'll be nice to pop in and see what brands this store might have that my other one doesn't carry.

My new favorite socks

Monday, January 25, 2010

These are my first try at knitting socks and I love this little pattern. For those of you interested the pattern can be found here.

For me the challenge of knitting socks was never understanding the pattern it was working with the double pointed needles in the round. I never could seem to "get" it when it came to joining in the round and not twisting the yarn or having some huge gap. Finally, I "got" it while making a pair of fingerless gloves and then the possibility of making socks came to mind.

I wanted something quick and not too intricate and came across this footie pattern and thought it would be perfect. Everyone I talk to that has knit their own socks always raves about how much better they are than store bought and I thought they couldn't be that great....could they? Yes, they could! These have become my favorite thing to change into when I'm lounging around the house

Knitting, Knitting and more Knitting

Lately I have been on a knitting kick. Maybe this makes up for October - December when I had no desire to pick up the needles or stop by the yarn store I go to. My recent obsession are anklet socks. They're quick and functional as I hate wearing slippers because my feet get way too hot and I don't like wearing full on socks around the house so these have been perfect. I also have a hat that I made that turned out really cute and another on the needles right now out of this awesome cashmere blended yarn.

With my new inspiration to knit again I took a trip to the book store to find a new pattern book. I found a book called French Girl Knitting that has some lovely patterns in it. There are quite a few patterns in here I really like but this is the one that I'm planning on making first, I just need to find the yarn I want to use for it. (picture from book)

I've already seen some variations of it made with the sleeves longer and that is defintiely a tempting option since I seem to be cold all the time, even living here in Florida. It's made with a bulky yarn but I think it will make a great little cardigan type sweater for spring. Especially if done in a cotton of which I think I might have the yarn already....we will see.

New pins and pens

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

While talking to Dave the other day about shawl pins and enjoying the bit of a break I had over the holidays from making them, I got the idea to make some funky, retro, mod looking owls in various color combinations.

This one was my first one which is a bright pink and purple. I soooo love this little guy
Then I made another that is more "moody" looking in blue and green

Also the other day we were going through Target to pick up some envelopes which is down the same aisle that all the office supplies are. I am in love with different pens, gel pens being my favorite. Of course there was a pack that contained pink, orange and purple gel pens with this silver little tribal pattern on the pens. Then I look closer and they are ERASEABLE gel pens. Ooooo must have.

I love these things. They are soooo much better than the ball point eraseable pens and I had never seen these before. The only ting that would have made these pens better was if the eraser was on the cap since I take the cap off the pen and put it on the other end and it covers up the eraser in doing that.

I just checked the website and they make eraseable highlighters as well. Too cool, must find...