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Friday, October 29, 2010

I figured it was high time I FINALLY get back to updating my blog. And what better way but to show off my latest stone haul from the gem show today. I spent way more than I had budgeted but I found some really great stones this time around.

First, Dave and I were actually there at 10 AM when the doors opened. The previous times we have went I would work a couple of hours and we'd end up getting there at 10:30/11 AM. Of course the majority of people there are there to buy bead strands and finding type stuff. First I hit up my usual vendor for moonstone and labradorite. They had a nice selection this go around that were good sized and lots of flash. I was a bit disappointed in their labradorite but did find some nice larger pieces for pendants. I also decided to try some kyanite. It is one of my favorite stones but I'm not sure how it will do in the shop, so I'm taking a bit of a chance there.

Then we went around to some of the other vendors. I found some more nice labradorite so I bought those and then I found another vendor that had some beautiful stones. Alot of them were really big which was disappointing since they would be way bigger than I would want to wrap but very nice quality. I picked up some one off stones there that just looked interesting. Two fossilized sand dollars, a nice piece of lapiz, a green turquoise and then my favorite, 2 brecciated stones that are made up of turquoise, sugilite, and pyrite.

I usually don't go for man made type stones and stick to natural but these were too beautiful to pass up. The colors are amazing and they will make absolutely gorgeous pendants.