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Monday, June 28, 2010

I am looking forward to the three day weekend coming up. We have no major plans, but regardless I'm intent on enjoying that extra day. This weekend I worked a little bit on everything. I decided on a quilt block design and started cutting the pieces out. Did a pendant out of the apatite stone I got in recently and put it up on my etsy site as well as worked on some knitting patterns as well as start another project. Yeah, I know, I need help. I think I have something like 7 projects going on right now dealing with knitting.

The pattern I ended up choosing for my quilt/wall hanging is called Bouncing Betty and I found the block off of the Quilter's Cache site. I found the site several years ago and the amount of information and patterns are amazing. Right now I have some of the pieces cut out but haven't sewn any of them together yet.

Last week I sent in some of my silver scrap to the place I usually buy from and opted for a store credit. I'm running low on wire anyway, so I figure that would be the best way to use it. More wire and also a bracelet mandrel. I really liked how that labradorite one turned out and want to make some more but the method I was using to sculpt the bracelet was taking too much time. Better to invest a little and get a tool that can help with that process. I'm anxious to get it in because I have the one smaller moonstone that I posted about earlier and I wrapped this large round moonstone this weekned for a bracelet that is going to be absolutely amazing when it's all put together. I also found some time to wrap up this apatite stone.


Diana said...

Woot - comments now work :)

I love your latest pendant. And I have no doubt your new bracelets are going to be fab.

July 1, 2010 at 4:59 AM