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The Dreaded Bump

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For my birthday (back in September) I got my nose pierced. Everything has been great and grand with and it's been healing nicely. Then about a week ago I noticed what looked like a pimple that had come up beside it. I left it alone and it eventually popped on it's own. Well now I have a "bump". I know these are common to cartlidge piercings but I thought I was in the clear since it's been over a month since I had it done. Luckily it isn't that big nor is it that noticeable but today I'm off to find some Tea Tree Oil that is recomended to help dry it out and continue with some sea salt soaks. I think as soon as it clears up I'm heading to the mall to find a hoop and another stud to change this one out with.

On the crafting front I FINALLY got wire in this weekend so I'm hoping to get a chance to work on some of those beautiful new stones that I picked up. I've had a couple of bigger shawl pin orders the past couple of days so that has been keeping my evenings busy. Here is the newest design just in time for Christmas.

I did have enough wire to wrap one of the Tourmalines from the show in a two tone style with gold and silver. I absolutely love how it turned out.