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I officially hate Mondays more than Tuesdays

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mondays usually aren't that bad for me. It sucks going back to work after a weekend that almost always feels like it's gone by too fast, but other than that it's usually not bad. Today is and has been.

In my world there have been a lot of things going on. Dave has been out of work since the end of October with absolutely nothing promising any time soon so we decided to sell our corvette. It's a 96 model and paid for so it would be money to live off of while the job situation improves. I took today off since Dave was feeling a bit down about it and the situation we are in in general. Then, the bottom to everything felt like it feel out.

For the past 6 months Dave and his boss have been working on a side project that had been going well. Everything the customer had been asking for was done, made and they have been testing the software out in the field for some time. Things looked like they were finally looking up where this thing was going to take off into something larger with meetings and such going on that were all positive...and then today, today Dave got the e-mail from his boss that essentially everything has been shelved.

After going through all the emotions from total rejection to just pissed off we went out to run some errands. We had lunch and ran by the mall. I wanted to pick up a hoop and nose stud for my piercing since the stuff I had been using has cleared up my bump nicely. I found a nice 3 pack of studs at Claire's and decided to check the place where I got my nose pierced for a hoop. They had one and said they would put it in for me which was all grand and good. Or so I thought. I didn't have any issues with them taking the stud out or really putting the hoop in. It was after when she was done. She had put the hoop in but instead of putting the ball in between she just closed it together to the point it wouldn't come out I guess with the idea that if I wanted it changed I would just come back. Uh, no. I'm not going down to the piercer every time to have my jewelry changed out.

So we get home and the first thing I'm doing is taking the hoop out. It's way too big and my piercing is really a little to high/far back for a hoop. I try putting my original nose screw back in, no dice. Now I'm freaking out that I've totally messed up my piercing since I can't get the jewelry back in. So I put the hoop back partially back in and decide that maybe part of the problem is the screw part and the fact that my piercing is now extra sensitive from being messed with. I straighten out my original screw to an "L" type and manage to get it back in. Now of course I have to wait some time while this re-heals before I switch out the jewelry again. Damn I hate Mondays now.