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Friday, November 20, 2009

Okay, so I know it is almost a week before Thanksgiving but I say that I am prepping for it because my parents are coming in to spend Thanksgiving here and are arriving today. I have mixed feelings about it when they come in general. For one my mother can be obnoxious and has a laundry list of ailments. They typically come out here and my dad doesn't like dealing with all the traffic so he won't drive or go anywhere and they sit around the house all day and by the 3rd day my mom is complaining about being bored. Yet, because of a lot of her medical issues she can't really get around that much so even if they DID go somewhere she couldn't really spend that much time up on her feet or walking around without being tired. So, I'm prepping myself now for the state my house will be in by the time Thanksgiving DOES come around. It will be interesting to see what they think of my nose piercing though. LOL.

Speaking of my piercing it is doing quite nicely after the whole debacle on Monday. The area right under where the stud sits is still a little bruised looking but it doesn't hurt at all and everything with it seems to be fine so I'm happy about that.

Craft wise I listed two new pendants yesterday, one Tiger Iron the other an Amethyst cluster or druzy. I need a better main photo of the amethyst but until I can take one this weekend with proper lighting I had to use what I had. I also have two awesome pendants to take photos of that are moonstone and larimar. My wreath and owl shawl pins have been pretty popular and I have an idea for a snowman and snowflake one to play with. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to get those together given they are seasonal and Christmas is approaching fast.