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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday Dave had an interview for a job. He has been out of work since the end of October. This is the first interview in almost 3 months and he has been applying for 2 jobs almost every day. Dave primarly works in the Telecomunications/Networking type field so that tells you how the job market is for that right now in the Orlando area. I am really hoping he gets this job though, I think it would be perfect for him and that next step job level wise. We're hoping we'll hear something next week some time as they were only interviewing yesterday and today.

As for my side work with my jewelry and pins I haven't been very active. I have a lot of ideas written down on scraps of paper as well as new wire and stones but I just haven't been feeling it to get it done once I get home at night. I did make this really cool butterfly shawl pin out of two pieces of agate that were carved into butterfly wings, then I wire wrapped the body and everything.

Speaking of shawl pins and knitting as it is, I found out today that there is a new yarn store that has opened up near me. It's kind of funny because it is right across the street from the place that I used to work at. I'm thinking about stopping by on my way home today and see what they have. I LOVE the store that is closest to me now and I don't see me changing my regular place to knit and buy my yarn but it'll be nice to pop in and see what brands this store might have that my other one doesn't carry.