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My new favorite socks

Monday, January 25, 2010

These are my first try at knitting socks and I love this little pattern. For those of you interested the pattern can be found here.

For me the challenge of knitting socks was never understanding the pattern it was working with the double pointed needles in the round. I never could seem to "get" it when it came to joining in the round and not twisting the yarn or having some huge gap. Finally, I "got" it while making a pair of fingerless gloves and then the possibility of making socks came to mind.

I wanted something quick and not too intricate and came across this footie pattern and thought it would be perfect. Everyone I talk to that has knit their own socks always raves about how much better they are than store bought and I thought they couldn't be that great....could they? Yes, they could! These have become my favorite thing to change into when I'm lounging around the house