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Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate when the time change goes into effect. It seems just when I'm used to everything the way it is it's 7:00 in the evening and still daylight out. I prefer it when it's the time of year but it still takes some getting used to.

As I've said before I've been on a knitting kick. I think the reason I've been on this kick lately as I've been picking projects that I can finish so there's a bit of instant gratification in that and the need to start and do another project.

I still haven't gotten a picture of the bucket hat I finished last weekend but this past weekend I made an adorable little monster for Garret. I bought the pattern off ravelry from this etsy seller. I modified it some so he has horns instead of ears but it turned out really cute. I named him Iggy but Garret just calls him "monster" eh, whatever works for him I guess.

I'm in the mood to do something different with my hair. A couple of weeks ago I dyed it a dark black/burgundy color and before putting the dark dye on it I used this dye from L'Oreal called Fuchsia Flash to had some dark pink/reddish color. I like the pink mixed it with the darker color but now I want it cut differently. Right now it's just straight and boring.


Diana said...

Ok - that is just adorable. I like the way he's posted, hands on hips, sooo not scary looking. hehe

March 16, 2010 at 8:49 AM