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Stone Shawl Pins, Redeux

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last weekend I finally got around to playing with shawl pin designs again. I posted previously with a picture of a prototype shawl pin that was clay and had a stone in the middle held by sterling silver prongs. The problem I had with it was it didn't hang right for a shawl pin and I wasn't 100% happy with it. Interesting and beautiful? Yes. Exactly the best design for a shawl pin? Not quite. So, back to the drawing board I went and I came up with this idea...

I love it way more than the others design I had. It big, bold and definitely different for a shawl pin which is exactly what I was wanting. The stones are 30mm(about 1.25 inches across) and I have a supplier I know I can get this specific size from on a regular basis. Since these shawl pins are kind of big and not everyone would have a use for ones this large I'm thinking about trying to find some place that has 20 or maybe even 25mm round stones which would be about .75in or a full inch across to make some a bit smaller. I'll just have to check around and see what I can find and what works best. The best thing about it is I feel like I'm getting to combine both my love for jewelry making and working with clay and making something that is just beautiful.

On the knitting front I am so back into that it's not even funny. I think I have 3 projects ongoing right now or if I don't there will be. I'm still working on my shrug which is slowly but surely getting there. It's turning out really nice and should be kind baggy and airy so I think it will be great for spring. I'm still working on the dragon scarf/hood for the little one but it's sort of moved to the back burner for now. I also have a sock I'm working on that will probably get donated to the knit shop to be a display piece. I really like making the small ankle/footie type socks but just not that excited over making the regular length ones. The next project I want to work on is a vest. I picked up this beautiful blue and light green varigated yarn last Saturday at the yarn store for it and now just ned to adjust a pattern I have that calls for a different gauge yarn.

On the knitting front I am so