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Thursday, April 22, 2010

I haven't posted in forever it seems and the sad part about it is I've had stuff to post about and things going on but just keep putting it off.

Spring is finally officially here in Florida. As by my allergies every plant, tree, flower or whatever must be in full bloom with all the pollen in the air. Luckily we've had a couple of nice rain storms roll through to hopefully keep some of it out of the air. There for a while every day when I came out from work my car was yellow with pollen from the oak trees. Ick.

I have been keeping myself busy though. Picked up a couple more test knitting projects. I did a color work beret that turned out beautiful and I'm doing a very open work meshy poncho right now. I'll post pictures of the hat and what I have so far for the poncho in another post ( promise it won't be almost 2 weeks). It's so sad that it takes having a deadline to make me actually finish a project.

Speaking of knitting my yarn FINALLY came in for the hoodie I want to do for this fall. I think I won't be starting it until June though. My date to finish the poncho is mid May, which I need to finish next week because in May I'm doing a KAL (knit-a-long). So hopefully by June my board of knitting projects will cleared and I can start on that.

On the jewelry front I have been slow to create. Although, I have had a good month this month selling pendants. Moonstone and Labradorite seem to be the big sellers right now. Not that I'm really surprised. A couple of the newer creations have sold but this one is still around and it's a really nice large statement piece too.

The gem show is coming up next Friday. I stocked up fairly well the last time but I'm planning on going to see if there's anything that just WOWs me that I have to have.