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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So, as if I don't have enough projects and stuff to do I am fixing to start another mini type quilt. It all started this past weekend when we were putting some stuff back up on the walls in our dining room. My dining room is done in a rustic/americana look and one of the things that I have is a wooden quilt hanging shelf. Shelf on top and a wooden rod across the bottom to hang a quilt from. Currently it has about a lap blanket size quilt on it done in red white and blue fabrics. Now I'm jonesin' to make another in similar color and pattern. Here are some fat quarter's I picked up at the fabric store. I love the blue swirly one on top.

I also have new stones that have come in, 6 labradorite and there are two HUGE ones. Also some amber, apatite, rose quartz and lapis. Most of these are going to become pendants a couple maybe bracelets.
Speaking of bracelets this is going to be my newest one. My first one, the labradorite, sold today. Similar design but this one is going to be much thinner and dainty the the other since I'm making it out of a small, rectangular moonstone. In the end it's going to be beautiful I think.