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The Star at Starbucks

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A few weeks ago we went through the drive thru at Starbucks to get Dave some coffee and me a frappuccino (I am a slave to those things). Little G was in the back and we rolled down the window for him as we were waiting. When we got to the window he was being his talkative self to the guy working the window telling him hello and talking about his Batman shirt. They weren't too busy so one of the girls working there came up to the window and was talking to him, of which he continued to talk about Batman and the fact that he was wearing his sandal shoes.

Last night Dave went up to get are usual coffee and frappuccino and took Little G with him. Dave said he was saying hi again to the guy working the window and another guy passed by and was all, "Hey is that the Batman kid?" then of course the girl that was there before was all, yeah we've been telling everyone the past couple weeks about the Batman kid at the drive thru. My son is 2 1/2 and already has a following. LOL

Our trip to the beach on Friday was not as great as we had hoped. We got there and there was swarms of these biting gnats. I forgot the bug repellent because last time there wasn't anything like that there. Dave and Little G seem to be doing okay, I on the other hand look like I am at the beginning stages of breaking out in chicken pox. Apparently, I have some allergy or something to these things because Friday they were just little flat red spots, by Saturday morning they had turned into welts that resembled mosquito bites but 10 times itchier and this morning it was about to drive me insane. Ugh.