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Bumps, scrapes and birthdays

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday I got one of those dreaded calls at work from daycare that Little G had an accident. I know that they try to keep upbeat when calling when it's something minor so that you kind of know everything is okay before they tell you but it still can be a bit annoying. Anyway, he was playing outside pushing one of the push cars they have, tripped over it and scraped his chin, upper lip as well as bit his upper lip. Luckily it's all superficial and most of it will probably be cleared up in 2 weeks time. It still sucks, and I feel bad for the little guy having to be hurt like that. The somewhat humorus part of it was that it was the one teacher that claimed all the numbers she tried last time didn't work...

Dave's birthday is coming up fast at the begining of August and I really have no clue what to get him. It's even worse at Christmas, he gives me no hints or ideas whatsoever and the guy has no affordable hobbies. He like tweaking and building computers and working on cars. The parts from neither of those are cheap. He has plenty of cologne, not in to shaving kits, needs no clothes...I am just at a loss and he's not helping.