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Friday, September 25, 2009

So on this eve before my birthday and much needed day off, what have I done? Well Dave and I dropped the little one off at daycare this morning and went out to breakfast. After that he had an errand for work to do so we went for a nice drive through town to drop off some paperwork. On the way back we stopped at CompUSA and Best Buy to look at Notebooks. I was so disappointed with Best Buy. They list a bunch online and had 4 available to look at in store. CompUSA had double that, heck, even Target had more to choose from than Best Buy.

After that we headed back to the house to which I got some shawl pin orders ready. Since breakfast was pretty filling we skipped out on our traditional Cheesecake Factory lunch and instead headed up to the mall. Why the mall you might ask? To get my nose pierced of course. Recently the Altamonte Mall that is close to where I live has a tatto and piercing shop that has opened up called Inkspot. They did a wonderful job designing it and the people that I met working there were extremely friendly and good humored. The worst part about the whole piercing was when they put this forcep type clamp on your nose to make it easier for them to pierce, that was way more uncomfortable than the actual piercing itself.

I have wanted a nose piercing since I was about 20 but just never felt really comfortable walking into a tattoo shop to get it done. Having it located right there in the mall made it convienent. It cost $35 to have it done which included the jewelry that was put in. I absolutely love it and it is totally me. The only thing I'm dissapointed with was that I picked a flattend ball type piece of jewelry just to be safe for having it at work and I really would've rather had one of the small rhinestone type studs they had.

There is nothing in our rules that say specifically that you can't have or wear nose piercings and I had talked to my boss about it in the past so I know he won't have an issue with it, but still, I didn't want to get anything that would be too noticeable where it might be a problem given I'm going to have to keep this one stud in for probably 4 to 6 weeks.

So, all in all it's been a great day off and I am loving my new look.