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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well it is for me anyway. I'm taking tomorrow off because Saturday is my birthday. Apparently it will be a busy weekend for me too. Last night I got an order in my etsy shop for 5 pendants. It's from a person who has boughten from me in the past and I think has a boutique or consignment type store. Not sure but just a hunch which if I'm right I'm totally cool with. It's nice to know that someone thinks enough of what you make or do that they will put it in their store and even better when they keep coming back to you because it sells. Then after that this morning I received a shawl pin order and at lunch another order of two pins and a pendant. Happy early birthday to me indeed. So, this weekend I'll need to start making some more pendants to replace the ones sold to keep my stock up. I plan on making some extras that I won't list until the craft show in October that way if some end up selling right before I'll be covered and have ones to replace them so to speak.

With the suden income I went supply shopping. Got some more solder to finish off some pieces and work on other things as well as some more wire to stock up on. The price of silver has been rising like crazy. Seems like just early last month I was paying high $12 an ounce and now it's up to almost $17.

I started doing some knitting again. I sort of got away from it for a while and am starting to pick it up again. I think it's the upcoming fall months that makes me want to knit. Right now I'm working on a hooded zip sweater for Little G. I need to get another ball of yarn for the hood and sleeves but the body is finished and being blocked. I think it's going to be really cute when finished.

I also did a crochet scarf that has a woven look to it. I really love the modern kind of look that it ended up with. Too cool huh?

I have some other yarn that has been sitting in my stash that I think I'll make another one with.

On the metalworking front this is the second labradorite ring that I talked about in an earlier post. I bought this stone in a matching set of two so I have a second one to play with as well. The color is beautiful and it keeps that same color flash at just about every angle. I really like this curved triangle shape.


DJ said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous scarf (and very modern indeed)

I hope you have a great birthday tomorrow & that the weather is perfect for whatever you do ;)

September 25, 2009 at 4:17 AM