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It's officially the Christmas season...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

for me at least. Judging by the stores the Christmas season started just before Halloween ended. The weather here has been kind of cool here lately with a couple of fronts passing through, and by cool I mean in the low to mid 70's.

Here where I work every year they put up this huge Christmas tree (think the size that you see as the main displays at the center of a shopping mall) and this Christmas type scene in the center of our building. Throughout the day they have Christmas music playing down around the tree and you can here it faintly from where I sit. It always helps it feel a litle bit more like Christmas.

We also pulled the tree out of the closet yesterday to get it set up. The G-man is loving it this year. He gets so excited when he sees people have Christmas lights and decorations in their yard. He was pretty excited about seeing our own tree out as well. It's a pre-lit tree which we've had for about 4 years now. When Dave plugged it in yesterday we were missing lights in the top section and then only half of another string was working. Today he bought some tool to fix them which he says worked. So that's a good thing and tonight we should be decorating the tree.

I've been getting back into my knitting here lately and have a couple of projects going on. For some reason it's always feels like I should be knitting when it's the winter type months not matter what it is I'm knitting. right now I'm obsessed with fingerless gloves. I also made two new designs in my shawl pins. One is a bear which I've yet to get a decent photo of the other is this cute goldfish.
Speaking of shawl pins it was a busy month for them 37 sold between my etsy shop and the few I have listed out on ebay. Some people have been doing some serious knitting.