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Friday, October 2, 2009

Here in Florida we had a "cool" front that came through knocking the highs of the day down to the 80's. It's been wonderful to come out in the mornings and it be cool and crisp. So this week it has actually FELT like October should feel. Of course this won't last for long. Already the temperatures are starting to rise again and I'm sure by the middle of next week it will be up in the 90's.

I've been busy trying to keep my stock up. The last two weeks have been great with sales, of which I'm extremely grateful, but now I have to play catch up. I did manage to make 4 new pendants this past weekend and two yesterday that I have yet to post. I also got in a bunch of new ring sized stones for some metalwork. I'm hoping to do that this weekend as well. The craft fair at my work is being held on October 19th so I have a little over 2 weeks to get myself in gear and get everything together.

We've been working with Little G on his potty training the past two weeks. He's doing really good and is starting to get the hang of it I think, which is a good thing. The past two days he has been great and no accidents. Of course since I've typed this I'm sure today will break that streak, but all in all he has been doing terrific.


DJ said...

My vote goes for that awesome light blue on in the center. Very pretty!!

You've been busy - wow. I am impressed :)

October 11, 2009 at 2:31 PM