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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So Monday was the craft show where I work. This year was the first year we did it for one day and made it an all day event. In the past it's always been two days, usually on a Thursday and Friday and only from 11am to 3pm. I got in at 7:30 and got my table set up, ran out of room as always between my jewelry and scarves. I have to say that being on a Monday was NOT an improvement.

While setting up I had one person ask if I would hold one of the scarves for her later, so I was thinking this is a good start. Then closer to 10am people started coming down and looking around and I sold another scarf (that black and white one I posted about a while ago). Sold a couple of pendants made out of glass beads and then things got quiet for a while. Then they picked up a little and I ended up selling some more glass bead pendants and a couple of resin pendants.

I was bummed that none of my wire wrapped pendants or hoop earrings sold and that the person who wanted the one scarf backed out on it late in the afternoon. Also, it seemed the only thing people wanted to buy were $5 earrings or costume type jewelry. But on the positive side, at least I got lots of genuine compliments on the pendants and now I have some new scarves, bracelets and even pendants to list on etsy.

I wanted to get pictures of some of the new things yesterday afternoon but I was exhausted when I got home. I think I was asleep before the little one because when Dave came out of his room from reading him stories and putting him to bed I was dozing on the couch. So, today I want to get home and hopefully get some outdoor photos of the scarves and I have at least 5 new wire pendants to take pictures of and list. I also have a custom ordered shawl pin to finish that has turned out too cute and get that posted on etsy. But I'll post about that tomorrow.