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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Earlier this week I bought a mini laptop through Dell and best of all it's purple! Yay. It didn't get delivered until 8:30 last night :0 but I am loving it so far. Now I just have to decide if I want to buy a cute little case for it or knit one.

This past week I've been busy crocheting scarves. I was going through some pattern books that I have a couple of weeks ago and found this woven scarf type pattern where you crochet a "grid" and then weave in yarn. I used it originally for a black and white scarf I had posted about earlier but this time I used it for some ribbon yarns and other novelty yarns I had. They're pretty quick and actually kind of fun to make too. Plus they are a GREAT stash buster for extra yarn. Here's a photo of the ones I've made so far. It's a toss up of my favorite being the beige sort of neutral skinny scarf or the bright multicolored one.