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When is fall getting here?!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is the last week of October and it is still in the low to mid 90's here in Florida. I guess for some people that would sound great, but for me fall was/is my favorite time of year. When I lived in Texas, usually starting the middle of October we would start getting cold fronts in and by Thanksgiving it was already staying a nice constant 70+ degrees or cooler. Here it doesn't seem to get even remotely cool for a set amount of time until January which is kind of dissapointing through the holidays.

This last weekend I did absolutely nothing craft related and it was nice to take a break. This weekend there is a gem and jewlery show going on at one of the convention centers in the area that I'm hoping to go to. I have a couple things I'm looking for and some special requests as well. I'm anxious to go and hoping to find some neat stuff. The sponser of the event already listed a list of those that will be there and where they will be located at the convention center so I have my list of booths that I want to visit. It should be fun at the least.