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The Eve of a 3 Day Weekend

Friday, May 22, 2009

I am so looking forward to this three day weekend. The only thing I have planned is to take new pictures of practically everything in my shop. Or at least the shawl pins and the wire wrapped pendants. I've been working on my website and decided that I need to retake ALL the pictures for it so I'm hoping the weather holds out this weekend and is nice enough.

Other than the photo taking I have a couple of earring orders to work on as well as catch up on some of my jewelry. I have the neatest wire wrapped pendant/necklace but it's sort of an odd color so getting a matching stone/bead for the drop is proving to be sort of a pain. I'm serously considering making a glass bead myself that would go with it. I also plan on getting my kiln up and running and get the multitude of beads that I have made annealed. I have quite a few bracelet ideas for them and am just waiting for this one step to get done.

Speaking of glass I got larger mandrels in the mail this week and some new glass. I'm still getting used to the larger mandrel, they're the size that you use to make beads that fit a Pandora style bracelet. I love working with the larger mandrels just quite haven't got my rhythm using them down yet. I did make two last night that turned out pretty good size and even wise though so I'm making progress.