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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Everyone has those little shopping must haves. For most women it's usually shoes or purses. For me it's sunglasses and cutesy tote type bags. My tote bags usually end up turning into a knitting bag and I think I have 4 currently hanging around my house all with yarn and ongoing projects stuffed in them. The other day I logged into etsy and did a brief look at the little 15 seconds of fame boxes at the bottom of what's recently been listed. I saw this, by gardencris27 The color was what first caught my eye but after I clicked on it I totally fell in love with it.

While some might cringe at the color I honestly probably would've bought it just to have a new knitting bag just like it is because it's quite bright and cheery. It also reminds me of this vintage 60's sundress I bought off ebay one time that was close to these colors and pattern. But, I saw in the shop announcement that she did custom ones and I really wanted something I could use as a knit bag or some trendy bag I could go out and about with when I get tired of my normal purse. So, I contacted the shop owner and she sent me a link to where she orders fabric to pick some out. I picked out this awesome Joel Dewberry fabric for the main part and the lining and ties will be a solid brown that matches the butterfly.

I am WAY excited about getting it and can't wait to see it. So check out her shop and show it some love because she really does have a nice variety of things and all of them are totally cute.