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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So, last Friday I broke down and ordered my kiln and I am super excited about it getting here. I already have a ton of ideas going throuhg my head and have boughten quite a few smaller cabs to try my hand at making some rings and pendants with the PMC clay. Of course the kiln hasn't arrived yet but still I'm anxiously waiting.

I also ordered a glass kit on Friday that will be here tomorrow. So by the weekend I hope to be making me some glass beads. Dave and I were talking last night about how cultural Orlando tries to make itself out to be but it's sometimes hard to find places that cater to these type works. I found lots of studios but I had a hard time finding a brick and mortar store I can walk in to and buy glass rods or some other type equipment. When I was thinking about picking up hand throwing pottery I think I only found two places I could go and get clay but only one was really near to where I live. It can be annoying sometime when I want to go out and get something and not have to wait.

Anyway, with any luck I'll be posting pictures this weekend of my new glass beads. Yay!