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Saturday, May 16, 2009

So, Thursday, one of my co-workers let me have their indoor spot since they were out of the office. On the way to my car at the end of the day I slipped in a puddle of water left from a car's air condition and fell. If I was wearing regular shoes or even small heels this probably wouldn't have been too big of a deal, no I was wearing my 4 inch platform heeled shoes. These shoes here.

Yeah, ouch is right. I got extremely lucky I only dislocated my ankle and it popped back in to place right after. So, while it REALLY hurt when it happened and then REALLY ached after it happened I seem to not have done anything seriously bad to it. The bad thing was that yet again this week I've had to stay home from work. I swear, every time I get like 3 days saved up something happens and I end up having to take time off. I want some time off....I need some serious time off but here lately every time I get time accrued it is spent on something that is not fun nor all that relaxing.

Friday I could barely walk without it taking forever to get somewhere but today my mobility is MUCH better. Still a bit of a limp but at least I can bend/turn my ankle more than yesterday. Surprisingly I didn't get a nasty bruise like I thought I would. There is a dark discoloration around the ankle but unless it's a deep bruise that's still coming to the surface it doesn't look too bad.

Anway, on a lighter note, here are some cute pictures of Little G that I took last weekend. One of him in what I call his "Havana" shirt and the other looking like a home run hitter playing with his new T-ball set.