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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night I did the deed and took my work off the needles to make sure my increases weren't too much. I was quite pleased with the results because everything looked fine and I didn't have to tear back any rows to re-do anything. Right now I'm alternating some purl rows into my work to give some nice little ledges going around. I'm about done with that and have to figure out what the next stitch pattern will be. Tonight I'll dig through some of my pattern books and try to find something interesting yet simple for in the round and increasing.

On the jewelry front I haven't done much. A couple of days ago I wrapped two stones, one completely and the other just to the point that I need to figure out what the design will be with the remaining wire. I also have two dried flower pendants I need to finish with resin. I experimented briefly with the torch last night and made a couple of beads so I've been active, just haven't put the finishing touches on a lot of things. All in good time I guess.