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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today I finally posted some new things to etsy. One was the pendant I made up last week. The other was a necklace that I've had the majority of done for at least a month. It's the one I've redone the dangles for like, 3 times I think. I'm quite pleased at how it turned out. I also had a main showcase today on etsy and put that into the line up this evening and it's done well with views and hearts for the short amount of time it's been up.

I have spent a good portion of today working on my website. I'm actually making headway and really think I might have enough done to feel comfortable publishing it tomorrow. Still a couple of things to work out and do but it's getting there.

Today we started some serious potty training with Little G. So far I feel totally lost. There seems to be so much conflicting info out there on how to go about it. The biggest problem we have with him is that he has never had a problem with being wet. So not only does he not tell us when he needs to go he doesn't even tell us when he's wet because it doesn't bother him.

We started off this morning putting him in big boy underpants. Of course some of the things i read said to try putting him in the underpants and take him every 30 minutes or so to the potty. He was okay with that at the beginning but by mid-day he was totally fighting us on sitting on the potty so in some ways I feel like he's regressed some today. Tomorrow we are keeping him in the underpants and just going to ask if he wants to try to, if he says yes, great off to the bathroom if no then we're going to just let him be. At least when he does have an "accident" he is quick to tell us that he went potty, so I guess that's a plus and step in the right direction.