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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quick update on our furniture mishap, we went back up to World Market yesterday and they gave us the missing hardware for our new patio furniture. Dave was able to put the bench together in no time and we spent the morning enjoying some time on our porch this morning while Little G ran around the back yard.

On my new project front I scrapped using the yarn I got in the other day. It was really too thin of a yarn to use for that. Dave's dad had some stuff going on this morning so instead of me going to the knit shop for a couple of hours and Dave and Little G going to grandpa's house we just made a quick trip to the yarn store to look for some yarn for my project and then to the auto parts store to pick up some tool Dave needed for one of the vehicles.

I really wanted a self striping yarn since this piece is in worked in the round for this middle part and I thought that would really make the design I picked stand out. So I ended up buying 4 skeins of Noro's Taiyo, which is a nice Cotton and Silk blend yarn with a bit of Wool and Nylon mixed in. I wasn't sure about the color as it is very bright but it's turning out absolutely beautiful. I have about 90% of the center circle done and hoping to finish that part tomorrow. I'll take pictures and have those up of how it turned out. I already have a bunch of ideas going through my head on what to do next.

Tomorrow, being Father's Day, were taking Dave's dad out to breakfast and I think grilling hamburgers for dinner and spending some time hanging out by the pool. It should be a nice relaxing day.