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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This weekend has gone by too fast, or at least today has. Yesterday I made it to the knit shop which was nice. Since I don't have any more entrelac classes I gathered my displays that I had up there and brought them home. This is what I'm debating selling on etsy.

I learned how to do entrelac specifically to make this wrap. I picked out the Noro silk garden yarn, special ordered it and made it up. I have never worn it and it's been a display up at the shop. I made it because I thought the pattern and idea was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, I'm bad about picking out things to make that are absolutely beautiful but are not something I will wear/use. This is a prime example. I love it, I think it's beautiful but honestly the most use it will ever get from me is draped over a chair and I think it's too nice to just end up as something like that. So I really am debating selling it so at least it will end up with someone who will love it as much as I do but will actually use it.

Speaking of knitting I did pick up some new yarn. It's a green tweed looking yarn that is alpaca and cotton. It is an awesome blend of yarn that has the smoothness of cotton but the softness and lightness of alpaca. I'm intending on making a hooded cable vest out of it for the fall months. I also have a hooded jacket I'm making out of some chunky cotton yarn that is progressing. I only have the sleeves complete and maybe 4 inches but I'm also doing the back and two front sides at the same time so there's a lot more stitches each row.