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Much better today

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I feel much better today. It's amazing what 9 hours of sleep can do for you. I'm slowly getting my appatite back but it's defintiely better than feeling sick all day.

Tonight I'm hoping to get to work on some crafting now that I'm feeling better. I have a charcoal gray shawl that I'm finishing up tonight but I really want to work on some jewelry. I have a rectangular pendant that I did the other day I need to post along with the purple charolite one. I typically hate square and rectangle stones. Just trying to get the bail centered exactly in the middle can be a chore at times but this one turned out great. Plus it's a fossil stone so it looks like lots of little flowers all over it. Definitely different. Last week I also received to awesome pieces of turquoise and some more larimar. So I have lots of stuff to keep me busy.