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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My days have been off this entire week. Everyday this week has felt like it should've been some other day than the one it was. Today is no different. Sadly because my week has been kinda off the last time I really got to do any crafting was Monday. But I have been doing a lot of designing and sketching ideas out on paper. I have about 4 different things I'd like to try plus I have another design I've been playing around with in my head for a knitting tool that might be useful. Well I know it would be useful for me at any rate. So I have those things going on right now. I also have some really nice stones that I got in about 2 weeks ago that haven't been touched and that's just down right a shame.

Last night we went out to dinner to celebrate some good news that Dave got job related. Little G was doing great until I made the mistake of letting him see his cup of milk that I was putting in my purse to take along. The joys of 2-year olds when they go from precious to crank-monsters in 2 seconds flat. The entire way to the restraunt all we heard about was "my milk". Eventually he settled down before we got there and then was totally happy about eating steamed rice and crunchy noodles (we went out for Chinese).

This morning Dave picked out his new orange and brown dinosaur shirt for him to wear. Orange is Little G's current favorite color and I think we probably woke up half our neighborhood when at 6:45 am we are raoring at each other back and forth like dinosaurs as I buckled him into his car seat. Eh, whatever, it's the little things in life that matters.