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Monday again

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday and I really have no motivation to be here at work today but at least there isn't a bunch of stuff going on that I really need to have done. Hectic Monday's are always bad so today is okay.

The weekend was good. I spent almost all weekend working on shawl pins. I think I'm up to somewhere in the 30's have been made? I haven't counted recently. I'm happy with how they are all turning out though. Still waiting on the bamboo needles I use to make the closure part of the pins but those are fast and easy to make. They should be in sometime later this week.

Little G had an awesome weekend. Friday they had a "Spring" party at day care of which he got to dye eggs and do an egg hunt and have too much sugar. I was out early that day after working on some stuff from home and I finally got decent photos of my shawls. They are soon to be listed on etsy. Saturday we all just hung around the house and did some basic errands. I made the mistake of going to Joann's on Saturday to pick up some more clay and it was a freakin' mad house. Apprently this past Saturday was the "Sign up for a class and get 50% off it's price" day. Luckily they actually had quite a few lines open for checking out. It never seems to fail that I'll go in there to pick up oone or two things and they have two people working with 12 people in line.

Sunday we did an egg hunt in the back yard for Little G. I bought 6 of the larger plastic eggs and since he likes the Cars movie so much I bought one of the min Cars sets and put those in the eggs. I think he enjoyed the hunting for the eggs most of all though. Then that afternoon we went over to Grandpa's house and braved the hoard of people there. I'm an only child and Dave has one sister. Big family gathering were never something that were in either one of our pasts except for maybe Thanksgiving. Ever holiday for my father in law's wife is an event. Her borthers and sisters and mom are there, their kids, her kids and their spouse, their kids as well as the kids' kids. Get the picture? Plus the house is maybe 1400 square feet total. I don't care how hot or humid it is outside it's the one place you can go to not feel cramped.

Speaking of Little G and Cars, his towel came in today. He has a brown shirt that has Doc, Lightening and Mater on it that he wore to school today, tonight he'll have his new Lightening Towel and we'll top it all off with Lightening pjs.


DJ said...

I am right there with you on big family gatherings (shudder)

I wonder if they will ever make another one of those Cars movies. I loved it.

April 13, 2009 at 9:30 AM