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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I always look forward to the middle of the week. It seems if I can make it through Tuesday then the rest of the week is "all good" from there. I took a half day yesterday just because I needed one and it really helped, I felt much better today and did wonders for my attitude. I spent most of the afternoon knitting which is basically like therapy for me and worked most of the time on that scarf I posted about earlier. I took a picture in the kitchen but it turned out horrible so I'll try again later.

Speaking of scarves here are a couple of my favorites off etsy. I just love the way these look.

This one is a hand painted silk scarf by Meyer Lemon Designs. She does other things as well that are awesome but this scarf is my favorite.

This is a woven scarf from a shop called Swim. All of the ones listed are beautiful but I like how bright and cheery this one is.