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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have been busy as of late. Yesterday some more pendants came in that I'm using for my flower pendants. I worked up a couple last night and they turned out pretty nice. I found an easier way to do the base background by using clay. It works really well for the oval and circle pendants plus the dried flowers embed into it better. One of the issues I've found with using the paper type backgrounds and no way to really secure the flowers is that while the resin is drying the flowers will start to try and float, which you really don't want because then there's not a smooth finished surface.

I also received some more patterned wire in this shipment. I bought some more of the flower/spiral design and also picked up some that is about the same thickness but about have the width. It will make a very nice pair of thinner hoops I think. But, I'm not even working on those until this weekend. Also in the mail were two labradorite stones. One is huge and absolutely beautiful. It has the neast blue and gold flame. Usually with labradorite when you hold it one way it will flash one color and when you shift the position of it it will flash another color. This stone will flash both blue on one area and gold in another area at the same time. It is really quite stunning.

Tonight I'm finishing up a dark red shawl I've been working on . It is a bit more intricate than the one I posted before and instead of the usual triangular shape this one is a half circle. I was a bit worried that it would take me longer than it has when I first started it but it picked up towards the end so I'm really pleased with how it turned out. As always, pictures of everything are soon to follow.