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Monday, March 23, 2009

Today I was expecting some supplies to come in that I've been blogging about. When I went to check my mail I saw that BOTH had arrived. Yay! I've spent most of the afternoon and evening playing. The thing I'm working on requires setting of 24 hours so I'll see tomorrow how they really turned out. I'm a little leery and glad that I didn't choose some of the more expensive pendants to start out with in case these end up being eh. I know at least one turned out good so far but it will be interesting to see what it looks like when they are completely set. I know the suspense must be killing you to know what it is. ha ha. Yeah right. Still, I'll be posting pictures tomorrow night of my results.

Speaking of pictures, here is one of the shawl that I did this weekend. The yarn is an alpaca acrylic blend and it is soooooo soft.
I also bought some turquoise stones today for wire wrapping. I was hesitant in buying them because I have spent quite a bit buying stones this weekend and was a bit mad at myself for missing out finding these beauties. I told myself when I found them that if I made a sale I'd buy them. Sure enough when I got home from work I saw an e-mail from etsy notifying me of a sale so I figured it must have meant I was suppose to have them.