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The Best Buy saga continues...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

and not in a good way. So there was the whole scheduling issues for Friday. It took until yesterday for someone to finally get back to us. In the mean time we just ordered the stupid part online. Dave gets a call Monday about them being able to come out on Thursday. He tells them he'll think about it and get back to the guy since we already ordered the part. The part shows up today and Dave goes ahead and call the guy back this morning. At worst we'll just keep the part for if it goes out again in the future. Call back, the guy says sure Thursday is still open I'll put you down. An hour later another call center calls Dave back and tells him they see he's been scheduled for Thursday but that time won't work and it'll have to be scheduled for Friday.

These people obviously have some scheduling issues. Needless to say, my TV is now on and working no thanks to Best Buy and their Geek Squad. So, Best Buy is now on my list of "do not buy" stores.

Whatever I had last week illness wise has come back for revenge. Yesterday I was beyond drained and today I can't breath and have been coughing like crazy. I went home at lunch and worked on some things from home.

Yesterday I posted my really cute earrings on etsy. I really love these too, they're just fun and cute.

and these
Working with clay has really sparked my imagination. I have a ton of ideas on more earrings and different type items like stitch markers and bracelets. So maybe this weekend I'll do alot more playing.