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Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's finally the weekend and I get Monday off for President's Day. Work has been beyond busy this past week as I'm trying to finish up two of my maps as well as coordinate the work out of our unit for an Atlas. So, a three day weekend is more than welcome.

After being sick I've been kind of in a "crafting funk". I make jewelry and do a lot of knitting and the past couple of weeks I just haven't had the motivation, inspiration...something.

Yesterday I got three stones in the mail so I decided to start working on a new pendant for my etsy shop. I work on a lot of my jewelry at our kitchen table and I have a bad habit of while I'm wrapping a stone I'll lean back in the chair. Well, last night I paid the price because I dropped the stone which fell on the tile floor and broke. I was so mad at myself. The only good thing of it was that this stone was the same size of this really nice and flashy labradorite that I have so I was still able to use the wire. It really turned out nice. When I add the drop and get pictures I'll post it.

Also, this morning I went up to my local knit shop. I usually go almost every Saturday for a couple of hours but here recently I just haven't been making my usual trip. I have no ongoing projects I'm really interested in so I took a pattern I have for a head kercheif that I've done probably 4 times and just haven't found the right yarn for. I also just finished a totally awesome blanket for my son two weeks ago and I'm going to do a smaller version in a bright rainbow out of Cascade 220 wool. So, now I'm out of my "crafting funk" and it couldn't come at a better time wth the extra day off.

Oh and I made myself a new heading yesterday. I need to pull the color number of my background so it's not white but it's better than that generic one that I had.