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Friday! Woohoo!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally it's Friday, and with a week I've had where I haven't been able to keep what day of the week it is straight I am glad. Between me going home early the one day and feeling bad, then Little G being sick, it's been crazy.

Originally today was going to be a "grownup" day. Little G was going to go to daycare and we were going to start off by going out to breakfast. Also, our TV was supposed to be fixed today....funny how things can change so quickly...

Little G is staying home from daycare. He is extremely cranky this morning and didn't sleep well. I just can't take him to daycare knowing he's going to be overly tired. But that's really no big deal. The big deal right now is the TV.

We have a Sony 60inch LCD TV that we bought about 3 years ago from Best Buy. Great picture but thank goodness we got the extended warranty on the thing. First something started going out on it that was causing the screen to go yellow. That was an expensive fix and I guess it was pretty common because it was a Sony technician that came out to diagnose and replace the part. Okay cool, that was March of last year. Now the lamp has gone out on the thing. This is a pretty decent fix, the lamp, in a snap in-snap out type case costs like $145. Our warranty is still good so we go through warranty thing at Best Buy which is now run by Geek Squad.

The initial call went well. Dave called they took the info, told him what is was doing, the guy was like, yep it's a lamp that went out and we scheduled for the first available which was this morning. We were told someone would call the night before to confirm. The call comes in but it's some automated call that requires you to enter in some pass code. WTH? We don't have any pass code. So Dave calls them main line back, and gets disconnected. Calls back a second time to 1) have them ask if we received the part yet...? and then 2) after telling them we weren't supposed to be receiving and part find out that the part is in but there's been a scheduling error so we're not slated for Friday and they don't know when they will be here to fix it and that a scheduling supervisor will call in the next 4 business hours or definitely by this time tomorrow. This was at 7:00 at night. Ugh.