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Another monday

Monday, February 23, 2009

I can't really complain, today really wasn't that bad for a Monday. Work was better than expected and I am basically caught up on my part of a project that started 2 weeks behind as it was. That in itself is a total stress reliever.

Little G was in a good mood today. He's still a little confused about the TV being broken. We come home from day care and I get his snack ready that I let him eat in the living room. He looks at the TV and looks at me with his head coked to what side, " 'Prout? 'Prout pease?". We have DirectTV and we get the PBS preschool channel "Sprout". I tell him "No, that the TV is broken and we have a long time to wait to fix it." He looks a bit dejected and says "Oh" and sits down and starts to eat his Cheezy Crackers and Juice. Wouldn't it be nice if all of life's problems could be dealt with or gotten over that simply. Oh, if only Cheezy Crackers and Juice could solve everything.

Tonight I have been working on shawl pins and moved all of my wire wrapped pendants off of 1000Markets over to etsy. I just get more views there and I can actually see what people are interested in or designs and stones that they like because of which ones they heart. I just have no other REAL feedback on 1000Markets unless someone decides to post a message on your "wall". At least it was free and didn't cost anything to do.

Oh and the vest is coming along nicely, I'm already working on the arm holes for the back and might get to working on that tonight some more. It will definitely be finished by or on this weekend.