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What happend to those old fashioned Valentines???

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So, my son is 2 and goes to daycare. They are having a Valentine's party on Friday and of course yesterday we got the list of the names of all the kids in the class. Last year I was going to be the over achieving, super mom and handmade every single one of the cards.

I used patterned card stock and then put a solid color piece trimmed down on top with Happy Valentine's Day
hand stamped on each card. And this wasn't one of those all in one stamps, I did it with one of those alphabet kits and then I put little 3-D flowers made our of card stock on them that I bought.....yeah.....what the hell was I thinking. I won't tell you how much time I spent on those things for a class of one year olds. The day before the party I ended up buying whatever I could find at the store the next day and used those instead. I still have all the handmade ones though. You bet I kept those!

So, today I went over to Target at lunch and picked up a box of Valentine's. I just went for the ones that came with those mini tootsie pops. I remember in school you were too cool if you gave out those valentine's that had the red and white lifesaver lollipops on them. Those or the boxes of those message hearts that had a to and from on the back of the box were popular too. Anyway, I figure candy is good and go.
I just finished making out all of them and I actually found myself analyzing the messages and making stacks of boy messages and girl messages. Like the 2 year old's can actually read them or something. Then there was the stack of no way am I giving these out.

The most hideous, by far, is this one of a little blond hair girl on a swing and the saying on it says "Be My Tootsie!" I understand that there are tootsie pops included but just WOW. Another has a picture of a deer with the saying, "You are Very Deer to Me". That's like something on a card for married people right there. The last one which proves the motto that a picture is worth a thousand words... A bear with these wide, crazy looking eyes and arms outstretched as if grabbing at/for something with the saying, "I Can't Bear to be Without You!". I bet there is someone, somewhere that totally was laughing to themselves when THAT one made the cut to be included.