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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today felt like it was in slow motion. I'm chalking most of that up to the fact that yesterday all of us we're home with some kind of cold type thing going around. My son was up coughing half the night, I was just drained and my husband is on the upward end of it and was going to be working a night shift so he just stayed home for moral support. We are all doing somewhat better today so no PTO for me. Of course I had piles of stuff and e-mails to decipher waiting for me at work.

Today also was my first day of doing the South Beach diet. I've done something similar in the past so the whole idea behind it is nothing new to me and for the first day I've done really good and stuck to the guideline of what you're supposed to have. The evening is killing me though. The only comfort is knowing that after a couple of days the cravings for the sweet or starchy type things does go away. It's just getting through the first couple of days.

I received 2 stones in the mail yesterday that I bought online to make pendants out of. So far every time I've made a pendant from labradorite it sells pretty fast on my etsy site so one of those came in yesterday along with this really awesome purple and green banded fluorite. I'm anxious to wrap both of them but sense I haven't been feeling 100% it's just not happening.


mjensen1 said...

hey thanks for following my blog...

good luck with the new diet. once the new year started i began a new workout plan...and its now a routine!!! its all about making things a routine...:)

good luck with all of it!


February 11, 2009 at 5:49 PM