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Monday, February 16, 2009

It was so awesome having today off. I got to spend the whole day with my son who was the perfect little angel for me today. Yesterday I was beginning to think aliens had switched him out as he slept because he was being a little monster. He's two so I know it's part of the terrible two's but still, he is usually from day to day, one mellow and happy little guy.

Dave had to work today so it was just the two of us. We started out with a trip to Joann's to pick up some clay for a project I'm working on. For some reason my little guy has a serious aversion to those green baskets. We went two weeks ago and he freaked out, "no basket, no basket" as he flails his feet. I thought it was just a fluke thing that day. Apparently not. I managed to get him in the basket today but he wasn't happy until we twirled around in the cart a couple times. Then everything was cool.

After that we came home, I prepped dinner for tonight and tomorrow, baked cookies and finished my labradorite pendant I had worked on. I must say it came out beautiful. I haven't posted it on etsy but I might tomorrow, it's name is Infinity because there's a figure-8 type shape on the side similar to the symbol for infinity.

Speaking of etsy I have one of my pendants in a showcase today that is one of my favorites. I had it listed at 1000markets for a while but just wasn't getting that much visability so I moved it over to etsy and in the showcase spot I purchased. It's doing quite well so far. 35 views for the day and a couple of hearts. Here's a picture and link to it (click on the picture).