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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yesterday must have been a bad alignment of stars for me or something. After Little G was put to bed Dave and I were watching TV and all the sudden we here this noise that sounds similar to when a light bulb goes out and then our TV goes dark. Apparently the lamp on it went out. Luckily we got one of those extended warranties on it so they are supposed to be coming out and fixing it Friday morning.

This morning things were doing a bit better. Little G had a good nights sleep and was in a great mood all day today. With the TV being broke we spent quite a bit of the day outside. We went to one of the local parks and Little G got to play on all of the equipment. They were also having a softball game and he thought that was the neatest thing too since he loves to watch Dave play baseball on the Wii.

I've gotten a ton done on Little G's vest and I have no doubt it will be ready for picture day. I also made two new pendants today and listed two others on etsy. I've totally given up on 1000markets. I log in and check it once a day but other than that I just don't get the views there that I get on etsy and it doesn't seem to be getting any better so I'm just not updating or listing anything there anymore.