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Just one of those days

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today has just been one of those days. First, it started off with whatever blew in the other day with a front we got has played hell with my sinuses and this morning I felt horrible. So Little G and I stayed home while Dave went to the grocery store. When he got back he and bought me flowers. My husband regularly brings me flowers and while his intentions are good and I appreciate it the man can NOT pick out flowers. This was a spring bouquet with some spider mums, daisies and some flower closely related to a tiger lily. The lilies were all completely wilted because probably whatever they were in was low on water. I took out all of the wilted ones and my husband looks over and says, "I thought there were a lot more flowers than that?" I nicely explain to him that the other flowers were wilted. He felt a little bad but the rest of the flowers are nice and the spider mums are my favorite anyway.

Things started to pick up from here. I went to the knit shop for my usual Saturday knitting (as I have a vest I'm working on for Little G's picture day March 4th) and found out that one of my shawl pins had already sold. (I just dropped them off Thursday right before she closed) Then this one lady came in and bought three more of them and everyone that came in thought they were the cutest things. Sweet!

The rest of the day went pretty good until we decided to go out and about. We were originally going to go Old Town but halfway there we decide that Little G wasn't looking like he's up for it so we turn around and stop by Target to pick him up some Hot Wheels. He perks up at this idea and we go inside and pick out some and then Dave finds some G.I. Joe DVD toy he wants. We are down by the sports section when Little G, out of nowhere, just starts throwing up. If you have kids you know that when they're this little (2) that you feel bad for them and it's even worse when they look up at you with those "mommy make me feel better, what's happening?" eyes. It breaks your heart because until whatever it is runs it's course there's nothing you can do.

So, Dave stays with him while I got to get paper towels from the bathroom....there are only hand dryers in the bathroom. Doh! Luckily the cleaning closet by the bathrooms is wide open and what do I spy on the shelf but paper towels. Hallelujah! I take some back, get him cleaned up as possible, Dave takes him to the car and I purchase our items. After my kid puking in the general area of these things I am NOT going to be putting them back that would be gross. Little G seems to be doing 100% better the rest of the night so we're guessing something just didn't agree with him. But geeze, what a day.