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Thursday, February 19, 2009

There are some people out there that absolutely HAVE to wash any clothes they buy before they wear them. I am not one of those people. I have no problem in buying something, putting it in the closet and leaving the tags on it and not taking them off until I get ready to put whatever it is on. Today I think I just encountered why people just might wash everything before they wear it...

We went to our bi-weekly (more like tri-weekly) visit to Target to get out of the house and more importantly to get Starbucks. I'm not a big coffee person but I LOVE caramel macchiatos. Anyway, off to target to get me son (Little G as I like to call him) a couple of pairs of jeans and pajamas. We do our usual loop around the store and stop last to look at the kid clothes and get the jeans and then I find three sets of pajamas for Little G. (One by the way is a cute batman set with a removable cape).

Off to the checkout where they must be short staffed or something because it's one of the cart return guys that's manning the register, it's cool because he knows what he's doing so it's not like he's being slow or anything. Apparently this guy is suffering from whatever cold thing is going around which are household has already experienced. He's got a bit of the sniffles and he rubs his nose and then proceeds to pick up my son's pajamas and slide them across the scanner. Ugh. Grant you it's not like the guy left snot trails on the pajamas or anything but the thought that instantly ran through my head was, "I now know why people wash their clothes before wearing."

On the business front I made a boat load of those clay shawl pins I blogged about the other day and dropped them off at my local knit shop. I'm not expecting to sell out of the things in a week or anything but I am hoping to at least get some feedback of what people think of them that come in because the more I look at them the more I really like them and think that others would too. Oh, and I made this really cute one yesterday that looks like a sea turtle and one tonight that looks like a sun. Awesomeness! I'll post pictures tomorrow.